Treatments include rehabilitation, weight management and fitness


For injuries, pre and post operatively, for example, spinal conditions, CDRM, patella luxation, cruciate ligament disease and hip / elbow dysplasia, to name a few.

Weight management

Ideal for assisting in a weight loss programme in conjunction with your vets recommended diet and exercise plan.


To help maintain mobility, flexibility and fitness in your aging best friend.

Fitness & Stamina

For improving and maintaining fitness levels in working or competition dogs who have no injuries or health complaints.


Initial consultation and Hydrotherapy rehab session (45 mins) - £50

Hydrotherapy Rehab Session (30mins) - £35

Hydrotherapy Rehab session plus Photizo treatment (45 mins) - £50

Weight Management (30 mins) - £30

Fun & Fitness (1 dog, 30 mins) - £25 (£7 per extra dog, max 2 dogs)

Fun Hour (2 dogs, 1 hour) - £38 (£9 per extra dog)