Our purpose built pool is 6m x 3m and is heated to between 28-30°C

HydrotherApy pool

Our purpose built pool is 6m x 3m and is heated to between 28-30°C. It is equipped with : -

  • A sand filter
  • Adjustable anti swim jets
  • Non slip walkway in and out of the pool
  • Uv clarification
  • Chemical level monitoring using a photometer

The water is maintained at a healthy balance and recordings are taken three times per day. Water temperature and cleanliness are important in hydrotherapy which makes a purpose built pool far superior to swimming in lakes and rivers.

Having a hydro therapist in the water with your pet means we are able to assess every aspect of your pets health and well being

Showering and drying facilities 

We shower all patients before their swim to remove any excess hair and debri and also to acclimatise the pet to the water temperature and to stimulate the muscles we will be working with. The pet is then showered post swim to remove any chemical residue from their coat.

Drying your pets post swim is an important part of the process to prevent the muscles cooling too quickly and feeling stiff and sore. We have use of both a blaster and towels in case your pet is not to keen on a noisy hair dryer.